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Anonymous said: I've just seen you on the revival vintage clothing website haha you look stunning! xx

Oh my god… haha thank you, even though I hate those pictures of me xxxx

Anonymous said: No idea if anyone's said this before, but just wanna say that you look exactly like Jayne Mansfield! You're super pretty! ^^

Oh my gosh! Nobody has ever told me that! That is the biggest compliment ever, I think Jane is my favourite blonde xxx

neversometimestv said: Hi love! I was just wondering how you did your bangs in the pic of your @bowandcrossbones goodies. They look GREAT & I would love to steal them. :)

They lovely, that day I used hot rollers and just back combed and brushed under xx

1950s Ceil Chapman cream silk polka dot dress (via)

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Claudette Colbert gives Clark Gable a lesson in “How to hitchhike.”

It Happened One Night (1934) Dir. Frank Capra

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